Sourcing Automation starts with wantex

Empower your procurement team to automate strategic information exchange with suppliers

Why wantex exists

Information matters for strategy

As procurement professionals, we experienced the hassle of receiving information from suppliers. Exchanging excel sheets and word documents is slow and inefficient. We are here to revolutionize the information exchange with suppliers so that you can achieve your efficiency and resilience targets.

Save time

Regain time for strategic work

wantex replaces your email and excel communication with suppliers with a smart web based process. So that responses are standardized and can be easily processed.

Increase sourcing impact

Increased tender competitiveness

wantex helps you identify relevant additional suppliers to invite to your tenders, increasing your innovation power and tender results.

Run supplier management on autopilot

Supplier Data Enrichment

wantex helps you enrich the supplier data because more digital knowledge is necessary to increase efficiency and resilience.

How wantex works

Release the power of data in procurement

Imagine a tool that combines the internal knowledge of your procurement professionals with the external knowledge of the market to enhance efficiency and resilience.

inquiry automation

Digitize inquiries

wantex removes the friction from supplier inquiries. No matter whether the inquiry is an RFQ, a supplier onboarding questionnaire, a question about a supplier capability, a sustainability survey or a resilience audit.

Automate your collection and storage of strategic information.

Supplier Procurement match making

Supplier matchmaking

wantex matches buyers and sellers based on the materials involved. We leverage data science and AI to understand requirements in RFQs and match suppliers based on capabilities and products offered.

Leverage the power of a large sourcing network.

How wantex Delivers

Trusted and supported by leaders from

Universität St. Gallen
Züricher Hochschule Angewandte Wissenschaften

Who we are

Data enabled sourcing

We combine procurement experience in the manufacturing industry with the ability to execute our sourcing automation ambitions.

wantex, Technoparkstrasse 2, 8406 Winterthur, Switzerland