Accurate supply chain information starts with wantex

The new standard in supplier information exchange: wantex helps you transform the manual information gathering from suppliers into transparent and automated flows to avoid supply shortage and to decreasing net working capital. 

Why wantex exists

Strategic information gathering from suppliers

As procurement professionals and technology consultants during the covid pandemic, we experienced the daily struggles and huge capacity needed to maintain supply chain critical master data – and if something goes wrong – the manual processes to troubleshoot with suppliers. We strive to eliminate all  email ping pong with suppliers and the thousand of excel sheets involved.

Automated master data updates

Regain time for strategic work

wantex replaces your email and excel communication with suppliers with a smart web based process. So that updating the supply chain master data becomes a breeze.

Buidling market intelligence

Growing your digital supplier knowledge base

wantex builds a knowledge base of your suppliers and materials based on the newest graph database technology. So that you can quickly derive strategic insights.

Supporting your fire fighting

Fire fighting flows

wantex provides you with a powerful and flexible request tool. So that you can find alternative suppliers with stock, alternative materials or expedite supplier orders within a matter of hours. All while keeping an overview and collaborating with your colleagues.

How wantex works

Release the power of data in procurement

Imagine a tool that combines the internal knowledge of your procurement professionals with the external knowledge of the market to enhance efficiency and resilience.

Who we are

Data enabled sourcing

We are a team of three founders that combine procurement experience with the ability to execute our request intelligence ambitions.

State of the art Software

Backed by innovation leaders


wantex AG i.G, Käferholzstrasse, 8046 Zürich, Switzerland